Tax Credits & Refunds For
Scientific Research &
Experimental Development

If you develop or improve products, processes, or computer software, you may be entitled to cash refunds and tax credits.

The SR&ED program is a unique opportunity to improve your company's bottom-line with refunds of up to 68%. Last year over 20,000 businesses received SR&ED refunds with an average refund of $150,000.

SR&ED Agency Inc. specializes in SR&ED claims to provide you with a "Complete Service" covering the technical and financial segments of your SR&ED claim. We offer over 15 years of experience on hundreds of SR&ED projects which have proven a 95% success rate of claiming amounts that your previous accountant has been missing!

SR&ED Agency Inc. services businesses in the Greater Vancouver Region, the Lower Mainland and in Western Canada. In addition to our base operations in Vancouver, we have associates in the Okanagan Valley and in Calgary, Alberta.

Minimal interruption

Completing the SR&ED Project Reports can be complex and divert employees away from core activities. SR&ED Agency Inc. services are carried out with minimal interruption to employees' daily activities thus diverting very little employee time from core business functions.

We find you money

We handle both technological and financial tasks necessary in making the SR&ED claim and our unique abilities to examine financial records and contracts will maximize the benefit you will receive. We identify all eligible projects, activities and all related costs, prepare claim forms, gather documentation and when necessary provide additional explanations to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) so that they gain an understanding of the project under review.

Improve bottom-line

Your refunds will make a significant contribution to your company's bottom-line and improve the company's Return On Equity and other performance ratios.

There are more opportunities to qualify for SR&ED tax credits than you might think!
Contact Us today to find out if your company may qualify!

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